1st Grade

Trinity Christian School


1st Grade Supply List

This supply list was updated Monday, 7/27: "Due to COVID-19, our student supply lists have been updated. Students will no longer need to bring the 'shared items' that were on the original lists."

This supply list was further updated Wednesday, 7/29 to include the following : "We would like every student to return to school with 2 bottles of 12 oz hand sanitizer, 2 washable face masks, and 1 box of nitrile gloves. These supplies will not be used regularly, but they will be stored in your child's classroom/homeroom as back-ups. Please label and place them in a small, sealed, plastic container." These statements were part of Mr. Sanders' email communication sent 7/29.

  •  handwriting paper
  •  velcro shoes for P.E.
  •  pencil box (large, but not too big, enough to hold pencils, crayons, scissors
  • and glue)
  •  1 box of 16 crayons
  •  pack of #2 pencils-sharpened-Ticonderoga please
  •  pack of Cap Erasers
  •  3 glue sticks (large size)
  •  primary scissors
  •  12” / 30 cm ruler
  •  raincoat or umbrella to keep at school
  •  please be sure to put names in coats and sweaters.
  •  2 plain horizontal pocket folders
  •  2 reams of white copy paper
  •  1 pack of black dry erase markers
  •  1 set of spare clothes (including underwear & socks) in labeled gallon
  •  Ziploc bag (does not have to be uniform)
  •  large bottle of hand sanitizer with pump


**No characters are allowed on book bags or lunch boxes.

**Please put names in coats, sweaters, and sweatshirts.