2nd Grade

Trinity Christian School

2020 - 2021

2nd Grade Supply List

This supply list was updated Monday, 7/27: "Due to COVID-19, our student supply lists have been updated. Students will no longer need to bring the 'shared items' that were on the original lists."

This supply list was further updated Wednesday, 7/29 to include the following : "We would like every student to return to school with 2 bottles of 12 oz hand sanitizer, 2 washable face masks, and 1 box of nitrile gloves. These supplies will not be used regularly, but they will be stored in your child's classroom/homeroom as back-ups. Please label and place them in a small, sealed, plastic container." These statements were part of Mr. Sanders' email communication sent 7/29.

Parents: It is only necessary to bring the student's personal supplies the first week. We will start using them right away. You can bring or send in classroom supplies later in September, if you choose. If students have supplies from last year that are still in good working order, please bring them in; it should help on the cost. Brand name products last longer and work better.

 1 box of crayola crayons (8 or 12 count)

 1 box of crayola pencils (8 or 12 count)

 1 pack of copy paper

 4 Elmer's glue sticks

 2 packages of #2 pencils Ticonderoga

 4 packages of cap erasers

 1 pack of loose-leaf paper (wide rule)

 Zippered pencil pouch

 hand pencil sharpener

 ruler with inches and cm

 scissors

 2 wide-ruled composition books

 2 wide-ruled spiral notebooks

 4 folders with pockets & 3-ring holes


**No characters are allowed on book bags or lunch boxes.

**Please put names in coats, sweaters, and sweatshirts, not on supplies.