Dear Partner in Christian Education,

Trinity Christian School has been an integral part of this community for over 48 years, providing a Christ-centered education for students from Preschool through High School. We take great joy in our call to educate this upcoming generation, preparing them for a life of faith and service in an ever changing world. Our students are loved and served by a faculty and staff who are committed to a Biblical worldview, creating the foundation that is needed to become well-equipped servant leaders to fulfill God’s purpose in their lives. This Christ-centered family atmosphere sets us apart as a special place for students to discover, explore, and develop their God given gifts, for His Glory.

We are asking members in our community to partner with us in two ways.

First, if you are a local church, would you be willing to show our promotional video in a church service this winter, highlighting the much-needed option of Christian education in today’s world? Almost all recent studies show that the American Church is losing our kids to secular society at a rate of more than 60% by the time they are adults. We’re here to offer a Biblical worldview, giving this next generation the tools necessary to decipher truth from lies, and navigate an increasingly hostile society.

Second, we are asking for some much-needed help in funding our “HOPE” Scholarship program. This scholarship will aid families in our community that have the desire for their children to attend Trinity, but lack the financial resources to pay full tuition. With your support, TCS can continue to provide an exceptional Christian education, regardless of a family’s ability to pay.

I'm sure you are aware of the climate today in our society and the immense need for Christian based education in our country. Trinity Christian School is here to fill that need, and for almost 5 decades has served students from varied economic, social, racial, and denominational backgrounds. Honoring God and experiencing his blessings is a tradition at Trinity, and with your help, this will continue as we unite to carry out our vision which is to prepare tomorrow’s leaders for life – Academically, Socially and Spiritually, all for the glory of God.

Please prayerfully consider this tax-deductible donation. You can donate by clicking the "DONATE" button on the bottom left-hand corner of this page, or by mailing checks to:

Trinity Christian School

Attn: Hope Scholarship

299 Deter St

Rutherfordton, NC 28139

Thank you in advance for your consideration. Your support is necessary and will go a long way in funding the next generation of Christian leaders.

In Appreciation of Your Consideration,

David Sanders, Head of School

Ted Hawkins, Board Chair