Student Uniform List

Uniform List 2020 -2021

(updated information for 2021-2022 to be posted soon)

Lands’ End 1-800-469-2222 School ID: 9000-5339-8

Boys & Girls

Shirts: Short/Long Sleeve Interlock Polo Navy or Evergreen with Logo

Performance Turtleneck Navy or Evergreen with Logo

Pants/Shorts: Pleated or Plain front Chinos Khaki

Boys may wear cargo chinos from Lands’ End only

Other: Vest in Navy with Logo

Zip Cardigan in Navy with Logo

Navy Polartec Jacket or Vest with Logo

Anything worn in class for extra warmth must have Trinity logo on it.

Trinity sweatshirts will be available for purchase in the fall.

Socks: Ankle, Crew, or Knee socks (for girls) Plain white, khaki, or navy only

Shoes: Closed toed shoes (from any vendor) Black, white, navy, gray, brown or any combination of THESE COLORS ONLY.

All shirts must be worn tucked in with a brown or black leather belt.

Girls may wear D-ring Hunter/Classic Navy Plaid belt from Lands’ End Item #38229

Girls Only:

Blouses: ¾ Sleeve Oxford White with Logo if front will be visible

Short/Long Sleeve Knit Peter Pan Plain Collar Blouse White with Logo if front will be visible

Jumper: Plaid Jumper Hunter/Classic Navy Plaid

Solid Navy leggings or solid navy bike shorts must be worn underneath

Skirts: At-the-knee Chino Skort Khaki

Above-the-knee Chino Skort Khaki

A-line Skirt Khaki

Girls may wear skirts from Lands’ End only

Middle School students (grades 6-8) must change clothes for P.E. in a uniform consisting of dark blue or black shorts that are at least fingertip length or sweat pants and any Trinity t-shirt.

K-5 students do not have to change shoes for gym if they are wearing shoes with non-marking soles, typically sneakers.

*No characters are allowed on book bags or lunch boxes.